11 ladies share their weirdest experience that is sexual just, wow

“He had a seizure while I became in handcuffs. “

Although we are in no way in the company of shaming people due to their sexual desires and change ons (intercourse positivity, people! ), it is possible to realize why these 11 ladies was just a little freaked out if what occurred in their mind was not talked about (and consented to) upfront.

1. “Sheep had been viewing”

“Got dry-humped by a huge farmer that is 18-year-old (I became 16 during the time) during the base of a hill in Kerry. There have been at https://redtube.zone/it/ the very least 20 sheep in attendance, like, watching. Waiting” via

2. “He desired me personally to slap their balls”

“we dated a guy for some time who was simply actually into getting slapped when you look at the balls. Like, it was loved by him. I became pleased to oblige, nonetheless it ended up being strange me to not smack individuals into the peanuts. As it went against all my instincts and my whole sex-life up to that time which had taught” via

3. “He wished to take in my breast milk”

” My very first boyfriend asked me personally to help make myself produce breast milk and so I could feed him. He ordered nutrients and desired us to purchase a breast pump. I became 19 with no young ones during the time. Glad we noped the fuck out of this. ” via

4. “I’d intercourse AND phone sex during the same time”

“I became most likely about 18-19, and I also decided to go to a three-day metal festival that is heavy.Read More