“investigator” means an investigator appointed under subsection 48 (1); (“enqueteur”)

“lender” means a company, partnership, single proprietor, relationship or other entity or person who makes a quick payday loan to a debtor or that holds yourself out as open to make such a loan; (“preteur”)

“licence” means a licence released under this Act; (“permis”)

“licensee” means someone who holds a licence released under this Act; (“titulaire”, “titulaire de permis”)

“loan broker” means a firm, partnership, single proprietor, relationship or other entity or specific that assists a debtor in obtaining a quick payday loan or that holds oneself out as offered to provide such support; (“courtier en prets”)

“Minister” means the Minister of national and Consumer Services or whatever other member of the Executive Council to who management because of this Act is assigned underneath the Executive Council Act; (“ministre”)

“Ministry” means the ministry associated with the Minister; (“ministere”)

(a) with regards to an organization, the seat and any vice-chair regarding the board of directors, the president and any vice-president, the assistant and associate secretary, the treasurer and treasurer that is assistant the typical supervisor and associate general manager associated with the business,

(b) with regards to a partnership, somebody or basic supervisor and associate general supervisor regarding the partnership, and

(c) with regards to a company or partnership, virtually any specific designated being an officer by by-law or quality or some other person whom executes functions generally done by a person occupying office that is such (“dirigeant”)

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