The morning that is next Alex calls and asks Piper if she actually is with Zelda, Piper informs the reality.

Piper visits Alex whom thinks they need to separation as Alex thinks she actually is maintaining Piper from experiences. Piper cries as Alex reveals she actually is being moved. Piper is invited to visit Northampton with Zelda. She gets to Larry’s, crying and wondering just exactly what she should do after being split up with. Larry appears she rejects saying he doesn’t know her anymore at it psychologically and tries to define Piper, which. He states he bets she’ll pursue Alex. Piper does, presumably going to Ohio and having a working task in Starbucks.

Piper and Alex have visitation and appearance pleased because the period concludes.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Alex Vause – Girlfriend ahead of Season 1. Lover/presumed gf at the time of Season 1, Episode 9 – period 1, Episode 13. Girlfriend at the time of Season 3, Episode 4 – period 3, Episode 12. Girlfriend as of Season 4, Episode 11 – period 5, Episode 12. Involved as of Season 5, Episode 12. Prison married at the time of Season 6, Episode 13.
  • Larry Bloom – Ex-fiance
  • Stella Carlin – Brief partner/romantic interest in Season 3
  • Zelda
  • Unknown guy – They came across during the fitness center as well as had a single evening Stand.
  • Unknown Woman – They met during the NA conference as well as had a single Stand night.

Family Edit

  • Carol Chapman (Mom)
  • Bill Chapman (Dad)
  • Danny Chapman (Older bro)
  • Cal Chapman (Younger bro)
  • Celeste Chapman (Grandmother; deceased)
  • Neri Feldman (Sister-In-Law)
  • Alex Vause (spouse)

Friends Edit

  • Nicky Nichols – Nicky takes an instantaneous taste to Piper and it is certainly one of Piper’s closest allies in Litchfield. She’s got no nagging issue speaing frankly about items that make Piper uncomfortable, such as her relationship with Alex. In reality, Nicky is amongst the people that are only Piper is susceptible and truthful with, specially when it comes down to her issues.Read More