Regarding the national Ombudsman, no particular complaints on gender discrimination had been submitted to that office. VICTORIA POPESCU, skilled from Romania, requested what measures the Macedonian Government had carried out to make sure broad dissemination of the Convention and its Protocol, and whether or not they had been translated into different languages of the nation. She also questioned macedonia girl whether or not awareness campaigns on the Convention had been carried out amongst non-governmental organizations, trade unions, and ladies’s associations. One of the strategic goals at the national level was making certain equal entry to employment and equal treatment in regard to rewards and promotion.

In addition, unemployment was larger in some minority groups, especially amongst Roma women, she continued. Another speaker said the quota for women had been launched in 2002 for parliamentary elections, leading to 17.5 per cent women parliamentarians that 12 months. For the primary time since 1990, an Albanian was elected to Parliament in 2002, and 4 Albanian women at present served as parliamentarians. In the most recent elections, a Roma woman had been elected as a Council member.

Committees on Gender Equality had been established in 10 cities with the aim of “exerting positive affect on the native-level politics, from the point of view of gender equality, to be able to overcome specific issues the ladies are facing at the native level”. Part of the affirmative motion at the national stage was a proposal to adopt a regulation on equal alternatives for women and men, which was at present under evaluate. Notwithstanding a strong authorized framework, practical institutional safety and rising coverage awareness, women in Macedonia still faced some forms of discrimination, in particular those typical for conventional societies, he mentioned. The Government was aware of the truth that it was crucial to mobilize all segments of society to get rid of gender discrimination.

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A further member mentioned each compulsory and optional programs in human rights had been a part of the regular curricula for secondary training. As for the courts and worldwide treaties, the latter prevailed in circumstances of conflict with national legal guidelines.

On prostitution, a delegate stated that Macedonia was a publish-battle country, where prostitution and trafficking in women were a serious problem. In the past three years, the police had neutralized virtually all centres of prostitution, and now efforts had been being made to deal with the practice of prostitution out of residences in urban areas. The police enforced most penalties for pimping and white slavery. Following a “spectacular trial”, a prominent pimp had just lately been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. MAGALYS AROCHA DOMINGUEZ, professional from Cuba, had some issues as far as stereotyping was involved. She would recognize extra information on the usage of the media not only to cease stereotyping, but in addition to provide positive photographs and promote the values of equality. She additionally wondered about the family roles of women and men in the country, and the ties of those roles with ethnic origin.

Following elections in 2002, out of the entire of 120 elected Members of Parliament, 22 had been women. In June 2004, comparable amendments had been launched to the Law on Local Elections. As a end result, 22.9 per cent of the 1,391 Council Members elected in 2004 have been feminine — an increase of thirteen.8 per cent, in contrast with the preceding elections.

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She asked what different measures the Government was taking to deal with traditional values and rules that influenced women’s participation in politics. She additionally urged the Government to take additional measures to make sure minority women’s participation in politics.

Ms. AROCHA DOMINGUEZ, professional from Cuba, mentioned that, in a few of the replies, it had been indicated that the nation’s laws had been harmonized with these of the European Union. However, that didn’t mean total compliance with the Convention. She additionally mentioned that one of the Committee’s previous questions related to the families headed by women, but nothing had been stated within the reply in regards to the measures to improve their scenario. She additionally wished to know more about the measures taken by the Government with assist from non-governmental organizations. A consultant from the Ministry of Education said that the nation’s Constitution supplied for compulsory and free main schooling. Everybody had equal rights within the space of education, regardless of their age, health, monetary scenario, sex or other circumstances. Minorities also experienced problem with the Macedonian language, and some kids had been despatched to schools for mentally disabled.

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Regarding maternity rights, a delegate mentioned that ladies could enchantment to related courts if these rights were violated. As for rural women, efforts had been made to identify their problems and inform women of their rights and authorized recourse.

Education and information campaigns had been initiated to enhance the lives of girls in their communities, a member of the delegation said. On rural women’s access to health care, a speaker mentioned that there have been rural health-care centres everywhere in the country.

In that connection, she urged the Government to take cognizance of the Committee’s general suggestion on the matter. De facto, substantive equality was about equality of outcomes, and only a purely legal instrument, such as the Constitution, was not enough. Following up on that problem, one other delegate added that, regardless of the efforts to downsize many governmental buildings, the variety of employees within the gender equality unit had just lately grown.

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Continuing, she said the law on equal alternatives foresaw the legislative adoption of special measures to be applied via periodic plans. Regarding the participation of girls in the Ministry of the Interior, the country encouraged all women desirous to work in the police to apply via printed competitions. PRAMILA PATTEN, expert from Mauritius, mentioned that there was no official coverage for introducing temporary particular measures for the advancement of girls in the nation.

DORCAS COKER-APPIAH, expert from Ghana, stated that, according to the report, the participation of girls in politics was a complex social phenomenon, which was influenced not only by socio-economic parameters, but in addition by the traditional values and gender roles. For that purpose, the Government was introducing legal adjustments to improve the level of representation and introduce quotas.

Thus, the country’s new Labour Law included the provisions of the European Council’s Directive on Equal Access to Work, Education and Equal Conditions of Work, in addition to the Directive on Burden of Proof in Case of Discrimination. The Law defined direct and indirect discrimination and the exceptions to prohibition of discrimination. Also, for the primary time, it defined the notion of sexual harassment. One of the priorities under the National Plan on Gender Equality related to the empowerment of women, including equal access to politics and decision-making positions. For that purpose, in 2002, amendments had been introduced to the Law on Election of Members of Parliament, which provided that 30 per cent of nominees have to be feminine.