11 ladies share their weirdest experience that is sexual just, wow

“He had a seizure while I became in handcuffs. “

Although we are in no way in the company of shaming people due to their sexual desires and change ons (intercourse positivity, people! ), it is possible to realize why these 11 ladies was just a little freaked out if what occurred in their mind was not talked about (and consented to) upfront.

1. “Sheep had been viewing”

“Got dry-humped by a huge farmer that is 18-year-old (I became 16 during the time) during the base of a hill in Kerry. There have been at https://redtube.zone/it/ the very least 20 sheep in attendance, like, watching. Waiting” via

2. “He desired me personally to slap their balls”

“we dated a guy for some time who was simply actually into getting slapped when you look at the balls. Like, it was loved by him. I became pleased to oblige, nonetheless it ended up being strange me to not smack individuals into the peanuts. As it went against all my instincts and my whole sex-life up to that time which had taught” via

3. “He wished to take in my breast milk”

” My very first boyfriend asked me personally to help make myself produce breast milk and so I could feed him. He ordered nutrients and desired us to purchase a breast pump. I became 19 with no young ones during the time. Glad we noped the fuck out of this. ” via

4. “I’d intercourse AND phone sex during the same time”

“I became most likely about 18-19, and I also decided to go to a three-day metal festival that is heavy. In the past I became extremely into casual sex. I became a bit annoyed, by myself, and was just sitting in front of my tent one evening since I was at the festival. Some guy wandered by, and I asked him if he was dtf. Unsurprisingly, he had been. Therefore we reached it, with security needless to say, whenever my phone began ringing. It had been my bang friend from home. Therefore, we don’t keep in mind exactly how it simply happened, but we wound up sex whilst also having phone intercourse during the exact same time. It absolutely was underwhelming. ” via

5. “we viewed him stick a metal pole up his penis”

“we connected with this particular really sweet man, but after some pretty alright intercourse, he began dealing with just just how he as soon as had to have catheter in, and how sexy it had been, and exactly how much he liked it, then asked me personally then pulled out a little case of sounding rods and a giant bottle of lube and asked me if I wanted to do it to him, or just watch if i knew what sounding was, and. Thus I viewed. It absolutely was perhaps perhaps not after all arousing nonetheless it had been legitimately fascinating to observe how it worked, in which he did actually actually appreciate it. But which was the time that is last installed since the concept of sticking a steel pole up a person’s penis makes my genitals concerned. ” via

6. “He roared like a lion”

“we shortly casually dated this person and throughout the onetime we had intercourse he began booming such as a lion. It absolutely was really strange, he was therefore loud! I became surprised, We never experienced anyone roaring during intercourse before, but he’d his eyes shut and We don’t think he noticed my response. He had been REALLY into it. We had been in their dorm and their roomie also walked in on us at one point. The entire encounter ended up being like one thing away from a sitcom. ” via

7. “The man had a giantess fetish”

“Dude had been into being meant to feel just like a little individual (literally possessed a ‘giantess’ fetish) and may just get difficult if I happened to be crushing their face. Regrettably he had been a giant himself and a disorder of their fetish is the fact that little ladies make him feel also smaller, and I also (a tiny girl) had been too brief to achieve down and do just about anything with him while crushing him. He’d a mirror regarding the wall surface inside my face degree and I also saw into my own heart and realised i desired to go back home. ” via

8. “I happened to be in handcuffs and then he had a seizure”

“I happened to be in a BDSM relationship having a fella and another evening I happened to be blindfolded, handcuffed, thighs chained together although we had been strong going at it. He would recently had mind surgery (VERY recently, like two months past) and was nevertheless having some dilemmas. Mid-thrust, he pulled away, said, ‘Hang on a moment, babe, ‘ and proceeded to get into a grand mal seizure. Luckily for us — and also this ended up being uncommon — my arms were cuffed right in front of me, thus I surely could have the blindfold off to understand why the hell he made that weird sound. Nevertheless chained and cuffed, we been able to get him rolled on to their part – thank god we had been from the sleep in which he had not rolled off. I really couldn’t get the handcuff tips.

“we was able to obtain the chains off my feet and about this time he came ultimately back around. I inquired him in which the cuff secrets had been in which he seemed at me personally like he previously no idea just what any one of those terms designed. He then noticed I’d handcuffs on plus in all sincerity, asked me personally whom the hell had done that in my opinion. We stated, ‘Uhhh, you did. ‘ ‘BULLSHIT! You are joking! ‘ Finally, the cuff was found by me secrets, and in addition their meds. Fed him his meds, remained with him that night. He had been up and able to head to complete things up in about one hour. We nevertheless made it happen. ” via

9. “He wanted her to wear exotic fur”

“we knew a woman in university whom went returning to attach with some guy that is 40-year-old the club and halfway through, he presented these like giant exotic fur pelts and desired her to put on them. I am going to always remember her telling us the tale in the even though this was like five years ago morning. I cannot state i have ever endured any experiences 25 % as weird as that. ” via

10. “He stated one thing actually strange”

“we had been carrying it out on the ground in which he stated, ‘Wow. You are therefore damp. I possibly could fill a cup up and take in it. ‘ Therefore strange. ” via

11. “a health care provider asked me personally to place a needle into their pee opening”

“we when had a guy ask us to place this needle that is long contraption into his pee hole while French kissing. Craziest shit ever. I will be a retired escort thus i got compensated a lot of money because of this. Plus it had been certainly one of my first ‘dates’. Oh and then he had been a health care provider. ” via